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No Babes is a non-profit organization in which we question taboos and beauty ideals together by offering an educational platform. Our goal? Promoting the mental well-being of young people in particular.

Think for example of our workshops,  photo shoots, events and voice in the media. Will you join us?



Morgane Gielen (b. 1994) is a lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Belgium. She focuses on creating more inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. 


In 2019, Morgane Gielen started going fulltime as a lifestyle and fashion photographer. The same year, she also kicked off No Babes VZW. An organization that questions beauty ideals and wants to make taboos discussable.

It began as a photo project on Instagram. Since then it has grown into a photo book published in collaboration with Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, several exhibitions, collaborations with organizations such as Stad Gent, Dito VZW and SAAMO, a column on Iedereen Beroemd, a podcast called Taboo Talk, and more. In 2022, she also took the step of founding Belgium's first inclusive modeling agency called No Babes Agency.

Having experienced traumatic events herself and struggling with an inferiority complex, Morgane set out to find like-minded people: "From a young age, I've had a kind of sense of justice. I am very troubled by injustice and I will also do anything to stand up for people who don't get a voice."


And although body positivity is a major topic in her photography, Morgane does not limit herself to just that: "When I started 'No Babes,' I wanted to tell and share the raw stories of real people. I wanted to eradicate "box-thinking" and show that it is okay to be vulnerable. So excluding people was not an option for me. From the LGBTQIA+ community to paralympians: with me, everyone is seen."



This is for the die hards, the daredevils, the one who is ready to dive deep into their own taboo-breaking story. We take the time to get acquainted and to zoom in on how we tell your story and translate it to image. Many label this shoot as something therapeutic, because it leaves a powerful impact.



We are very happy to join forces with like-minded organizations to make a statement. This can range from organizing an exhibition about a certain theme, to helping in organizing inclusive events.

We also organize events within our own community so that they have a place where they can be themselves.


Through lectures and workshops, we raise awareness about the fact that inclusivity is still in its baby shoes in Belgium.


That's why we think it's important to educate people about what the impact of unrealistic ideals created by society has on our own self-image, but also on everything and everyone around us. 



De Morgen: Stap voor stap zijn wij het nieuwe normaal

VRT NWS: No Babes Agency wilt meer diversiteit

Marie-Claire: Woman To Watch

Humo: Ik wil mensen ontdoen van hun oogkleppen

HLN: Na #nofilter in Iedereen Beroemd

Knack: Niet perfect, wel model

VRT - #nofilter - No Babes: watch it here

GOPLAY - Inside The Box - Inclusivity in fashion : watch it here

MENT TV - Trendsetters: watch it here

Mar10's - Vol zelfvertrouwen voor de camera : watch it here


NRJ - Open radio: watch it here


Saintklet, Brussel (2020)

Femmeniste, Antwerpen (2020)

Broei, Gent (2021)
Fire Is Gold Festival (2021)
Ampere Open Air Festival (2021)
Piet Moodshop, Gent (2021)
Factor Club, Brugge (2021)
Bib Kortenberg (2022)

Het Geuzenhuis, Gent (2022)

Sorry Not Sorry Festival (2022)

Z33 Hasselt (2022)




2019: No Babes originated as a photo project on social media
2020: Creation of the podca
st Taboo Talk
2021: Launch
 photo book 'No Babes' in collaboration with publisher Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
2021: First
exhibition to promote the book at Duivelsteen Castle in Ghent

2021: TV column on 'Iedereen Beroemd' called #nofilter

2022: Creation of No Babes Agency - Belgium's first inclusive modeling agency
2023: No Babes officially becomes a non-profit organization

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