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This is for the die-hards, the daredevils, the ones ready to dive deep into their taboo-breaking story. We take the time to get acquainted and to zoom in on how we can translate your story into images. Many label this shoot as something therapeutic, because it has a powerful impact.

Afterwards we will share your story on all No Babes channels to ensure that 
your voice is heard. We conclude with a video recording after the photo shoot or an invitation to our podcast where we would like to go deeper into the theme that has been discussed.

Where: Photo studio of Morgane (Kortenberg)
When: To discuss
Style: No makeup, neutral styling
Budget: Goes integrally to organizing other No Babes VZW initiatives

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Did you know that No Babes has released a photo book in collaboration with Borgerhoff & Lamberigts? The book is packed with authentic and taboo-breaking stories. In addition, it is also very educational and a real conversation starter. We were able to market this book by organizing a crowdfunding in 2021.

Budget: €55
Number of pages: 200
Format: 23x33cm
Language: Dutch

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