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This is for the die-hards, the daredevils, the ones ready to dive deep into their taboo-breaking story. We take the time to get acquainted and to zoom in on how we can translate your story into images. Many label this shoot as something therapeutic, because it has a powerful impact.

Afterwards we will share your story on all No Babes channels to ensure that 
your voice is heard. We conclude with a video recording after the photo shoot or an invitation to our podcast where we would like to go deeper into the theme that has been discussed.

Where: Photo studio of Morgane (Kortenberg)
When: To discuss
Style: No makeup, neutral styling
Budget: Goes integrally to organizing other No Babes VZW initiatives

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What should I bring to the photo shoot?

Your own clothes, preferably without busy patterns or text. Some suggestions of what to bring: lingerie, bodysuit, tights, oversized clothing, clothing in nice fabrics such as jeans, wool, velvet, lace, accessories,... The photoshoot can also contain artistic nude, but that is completely up to you. In addition, you ideally come completely natural, without make-up.


What is the concept of the shoot?

Since No Babes revolves around breaking taboos, we start with your taboo-breaking story. With that emotion in mind, we will create images. We let your body speak. Morgane guides you very carefully in poses and expressions and together you will explore.

I've never done a photo shoot. What now?

Don't worry, almost all the people in front of Morgane's lens have never done a professional photo shoot. She guides you from A to Z and puts you at ease. During the shoot, she also always shows the images so that you have an overview of what is happening, and afterward no images are posted online without your permission.

The photos are often accompanied by a text about the story of the person themselves. Do I have to write this myself?

We always ask the person to write their story themselves, because it is important that it remains authentic. We can of course help to shorten the text if necessary for social media and translate it into English. Usually, the more personal the text is, the more it resonates with others in similar situations.




What happens with the photos?

We post the photos on our social media with your self-written story. We do this to create awareness about certain topics that are often still taboo, to inspire, educate and support people from our community in a similar situation.


What is the difference between the 30-minute session and the 2-hour session?

A 30-minute session is ideal for someone who is less well off financially and still wants the opportunity to tell his/her/their story. The session contains 3 finished photos. There is less time to get acquainted and guide you during the shoot, so some experience in front of the lens is useful. The 2-hour session gives us time to get acquainted and dive deeper into experimenting with poses, expressions, and different outfits. There are 10 finished photos included in this package. People often label the session as therapeutic for their own process of self-acceptance.

What is the course of the photoshoot?

When you arrive at the farm in Kortenberg where the photo studio is located, you and Morgane take the time to talk so she can get a good idea of who you are as a person and what your story is. You will choose outfits together and then start the photo shoot. Afterwards, Morgane will provide you with a digital link where you can choose your favorites from the unedited photos. She will then finish your selection professionally and deliver it to you in high quality. We also ask you to write a summary text about your story to add to the photos when posting on our social media channels.




"The No Babes shoot was one of the first shoots I was allowed to experience. I was under a lot of stress for this. The way Morgane manages to make a connection both before and during the shoot, the humor present and the approachability have made sure that those nerves quickly disappeared. The uncertainty found its way out and my self-confidence found its way in! An experience that I can recommend to many!"


Phora Deschryver 

"My photoshoot was truly empowering and therapeutical, talking to Morgane and her taking my pictures gave me a chance to talk openly about my struggles while being understood. I'm so happy I was able to share my story and to help others that can relate to my struggles. I will never feel alone anymore because the beautiful experience and opportunity No Babes gave me."

Anne Ceulemans

"My photo shoot with No Babes was life-changing. Morgane made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Since then I've been trying out new poses and dared to show my body, because now I know it can be seen."

Amber Niang

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