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Where: On location
When: To be discussed

Duration:  1h

I think we are all aware that inclusivity and diversity is still in its baby shoes in Belgium. That's why we think it's important to educate people about what the impact of the unrealistic (beauty) ideals created by society has on our own self-image, but also on everything and everyone around us.  Research shows that lack of representation of all target groups in the media can influence the image 
that people have of others. It can reinforce existing prejudices or negative perceptions about certain minorities and stereotyped social groups. It is also implifies box thinking

Inclusive imaging takes into account a fair balance in both visible diversity (egimage gender, skin color, race, and age), and invisible diversity (for example, sexual orientation, religion, education, and beliefs).

We guide you through this lecture using examples, facts, research, photos from the No Babes book, stories, but also tips & tricks so that everyone can go home with an inspired mindset.


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Where: On location
When: To be discussed
Duration: Half day (4h)

People often fear the unknown and therefore often stay away from worlds that are different from their own. This often leads to discrimination, racism, prejudice, miscommunication and a lack of connection between different target groups, even within the walls of one company.

We focus on creating an accessible way for people to come into contact with new environments and to educate them and make them aware of
of their own thinking, fears and patterns. On the other hand, we are happy to give them the right tools and tips to learn to deal with the wonderful diversity that lives around us. As icing on the cake, we always create a safe space where everyone can express their opinion and we encourage interaction.

No Babes team member Eline, who has a background as a sociologist/anthropologist specialized in gender and diversity and identifies as non-binary, comes to share their expertise, along with another expert from the No Babes community.

Course of the day:

- Analyze the current situation
- Theoretical basis: hard facts and figures
- Interactive exercises with the team: collide with prejudice
- Self-analysis: What is going on in your own environment

- Practical tips and tools to apply in the workplace and beyond


Where: On location
When: To be discussed
How long: Half day preparation (4h) + half day mastermind (4h)

This workshop is suitable for companies that want to apply real inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and look for a concrete step-by-step plan.

Step 1 - Let's analyze: Before the mastermind takes place, we send all employees and employers within the company an anonymous questionnaire that zooms in on different aspects within the company, with a focus on inclusivity and diversity. The No Babes team will then work with this list and its own analysis to present a step-by-step plan in preparation to the mastermind session. 

Step 2 - Let's talk: In the morning we take the time to explain in an interactive way more about the background, integration and application of inclusivity within a company.

Step 3 - Let's do this: In the afternoon we analyze the outcome of the questionnaire together and give concrete tips and tools to improve the internal structure of the company. We also zoom in on the sustainable development goals within the company and how inclusivity can fit into this.

No Babes team member Eline, who has a background as a sociologist/anthropologist specialized in 
gender and diversity and identifies as non-binary, comes to share their expertise, along with another expert from the No Babes community.


"We called on No Babes for a workshop that fitted into our project week. After a telephone conversation, it was immediately clear that we were at the right place. After all, we were looking for someone who could chat fluently about themes such as gender identity and inclusiveness, and this on size of our target group. The communication leading up to the project always went very smoothly. The workshop was completely tailored to our needs and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. We are really happy and grateful that they visited us and our students taught things they would otherwise never have heard in school."

Eveline De Backer

"No Babes makes a difference, not only by speaking about diversity and inclusion, but above all by being the difference yourself. It is so exciting to hear passionate people speak, who want to contribute in their unique way to more empathy in society."

Els van ANBN 



Depending on which workshop or lecture, No Babes team members Morgane or Eline are involved, or our own community members that are trained by us such as Laura Van der Vorst. We like to give our community the platform to speak from their own experience and also give them opportunities to work.

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Be sure to send us a message for a cup of coffee! We often work out tailor-made packages for companies, festivals and the self-employed. We like to put our heads together to arrive at a unique concept.

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