Are you looking for an original and accessible way to put diversity and inclusivity more in the spotlight in your company, school, region or association? Then definitely scroll down!

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For who: Schools and/or youth movement
Where: On location
When: Negotiable
Duration: Negotiable

Young people are our future. That is why we think it is important to introduce them in an accessible way to topics that are often still difficult to discuss in this society and to enhance their mental well-being. Just think of how to deal with current beauty ideals, the impact of social media, different gender identities, body diversity, self-image, discrimination, bullying, and sexuality.

PRACTICAL: Two No Babes experts come to share their experience and expertise with the students. In an interactive way and through anonymous tools, they introduce students to all kinds of current and sometimes difficult topics to discuss. We divide the workshop into four main themes: Gender, Mental Well-being, Diversity, and Sexuality.


For who: Companies, entrepreneurs
Where: On location
When: Negotiable
How long: Negotiable

This workshop is suitable for companies that want to introduce their employees to what inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and towards customers really means. 
How do you deal with a colleague at work who has changed gender? How do you deal with bullying or racism? What if a customer wants you to use the pronouns they/them? What about discrimination against people with a physical/mental disability or a bigger size? We will not only explain the basic concepts, but we will also make people reflect on their own prejudices and behavior through interactive exercises. 





For who: Semi-professional photographers
When: To be discussed

Given by: Morgane Gielen
Where: In studio or on location

Duration: Full day (8h)

Max. number of participants: 10
Min. number of participants: 5

Included: Lunch

Bring your own camera/lenses, laptop

How do you combine fashion with diversity? How do you deal with models that do not fit into the 'standard' regime in a respectful way? Get started with professional No Babes models yourself, under the guidance of photographer and founder of No Babes, Morgane Gielen . During this 8-hour workshop, Morgane goes through the steps of a real shoot with atypical models and gives her all the tools to make an artistic, beautiful portrait of everyone, with the story of the models in mind.

The day starts with an explanation on how you organize a photoshoot. How do you arrive at a concept? How do you make a mood board? How do you find a team? Which material do you use best?  Morgane will then continue in a very practical way: How do you set up your light? How do you supervise a model? How do you put someone at ease? Take a look behind the scenes of how Morgane interacts with a model on a professional set and then get to work with the models yourself. Morgane will guide and give tips where necessary.


Morgane will explain her workflow after the photo shoot and her editing and selection process. You also get the time to choose your best image from the photo shoot and edit it. Finally, Morgane will discuss these in group and there will be time afterwards to ask questions.


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In a Meeting


For who: Creative entrepreneurs
When: To be discussed
Given by: Eline Vanduyver
Where: To be discussed
Duration : 2h
Max. number of participants : 4

More than once, outdated and manipulative practices are taught during sales courses that neither side is comfortable with. In this workshop we focus on how you can bring the passion for your product or service to people in an honest and ethical way.


In addition, it is also important to protect yourself as a self-employed person against organizations that want to use your goodness as a freelancer. It is often the people who want to act ethically who are sold off by companies or non-profit organisations. 

By the end of the workshop you will have learned how to focus on the customer and how to create real win-win situations. This is a workshop, so the idea is to talk to each other so that you go home with practical tips.

This workshop is given by Eline Vanduyver. They have more than 10 years of experience in sales and with their background in sociology, they try to connect the social to the commercial.


Art is another accessible way to introduce people to all kinds of themes. If we know one thing, it is that the No Babes exhibition in Ghent left an impact. Are you looking for an exhibition that makes a difference for your region, or in your company? Let us know! 

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Be sure to send us a message for a cup of coffee! We often work out tailor-made packages for companies, festivals and the self-employed. We like to put our heads together to arrive at a unique concept.