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Pronouns: she, her
Birth year: 1999 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: New Face // Nationality: Liberia
Height: 171cm // Bust: 84cm
Waist: 71cm // Hip: 100cm
Clothing size: 36 // Shoe size: 40
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, fitness
Social media: Instagram (1,3k)

"Growing up without my parents was an adventure, shaping me into a mature individual at a young age. Daily farm work and a temporary halt in schooling were my reality. Despite facing ridicule for my absence from school, I found solace in self-expression through photography, affirming my worth and intelligence. This newfound confidence led to compliments and suggestions that I pursue modeling—a dream fueled by passion. My aspiration extends beyond personal ambition; I aim to inspire others, regardless of race or insecurities, to embrace adversity as a catalyst for growth. Let laughter be the backdrop to your resilience, for true empowerment lies in embracing oneself."

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