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Pronouns: he, him
Birth year: 2002 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: Intermediate // Nationality: Belgian
Height: 178cm // Bust: 89cm
Waist: 76cm // Hip: 89cm
Clothing size: Medium // Shoe size: 45
Hobbies: Running, fitness, cooking, traveling
Social media: Instagram (3,6k) - Tiktok (84,6k)

"I lost my eye when I was two years old due to an accident. I was in an artifical coma for almost a week and had 17 operations in total. They removed 40 pieces of glass. However, it never traumatized me, but it brought me bullying, as I was seen as 'a monster' by other kids. In the end I fought back and by doing that it fortunately stopped, but it made me very insecure. Due to that I even had a contact lens made to make me seem more 'normal'. But it hurt my eye quite a lot, so I stopped wearing it. It was a hard time accepting my difference, but today, many years later, I am proud of it. I am unique and I want to be an example for others so they can also embrace their differences."

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