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Pronouns: he, they
Birth year: 1997 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: Experienced // Nationality: Spanish
Height: 160cm // Bust: 73cm
Waist: 57cm // Hip: 71cm
Clothing size: 34 // Shoe size: 36
Characteristics: Transmasculine, non binary
Hobbies: Art, drag performances

"I'm a non-binary transman and an immigrant from Spain. I never felt more masculine than when I'm expressing my femininity, my pluma, my effeminate affectation, my flamboyance. The feminine masculine is sacred to me. The society expects that gender non-conforming people choose a side. If you are a trans masculine you have to be masculine, and if you are a trans woman you should be feminine. We are not allowed to show nuance and complexity because we need to limit ourselves for the cis audience so they can understand the trans experience in an easier way to swallow."

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