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Pronouns: she, her
Birth year: 1996 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: New Face // Nationality: Belgian
Height: 170cm // Bust: 84cm
Waist: 68cm // Hip: 92cm
Clothing size: 36 // Shoe size: 40
Job: Dancer
Hobbies: Pottery baking, DJ

"I have always been inspired by music from a young age and I also discovered that movement is the best way to express who I am. Hence my great passion for dance, but also for modelling. In front of the camera, I like to use my whole body and also challenge it by adopting different shapes and poses. In this way I also want to show that a muscular body is also beautiful, despite I do not fit within the classic sizes of the fashion world. A body that looks strong I find very fascinating and radiate something powerful."

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