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Pronouns: he, him
Birth year: 1990 // Lives in: The Netherlands
Level: Experienced // Nationality: Dutch
Height: 171cm // Bust: 85cm
Waist: 71cm // Hip: 84cm
Clothing size: Small // Shoe size: 41
Characteristics: Vitiligo
Interests: Personal development, nature

"The sudden appearance and spreading of white patches on my skin when I was 14 years old were a major shock to me. It felt like the biggest mental slap that I have ever received. I truly had no clue what was happening to my skin and why this was happening to me. I felt so ashamed of my appearance that I never wore any t-shirts, even during summer periods I covered my entire body. At a certain point I was done with constantly feeling sorry for myself and the need to isolate myself from others. I wanted to live a happy life once again! I decided that I had to face my fears and overcome those fears by myself, giving myself no other option then getting out of my isolated behavior. Step by step I was overcoming my fears thanks to my strong dedication and not giving up."

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