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No Babes is a collective that questions taboos in all kinds of creative ways, wants to give a voice to people who are often kept small by the current ideals within this society, and wants to boost the mental health of young adults.

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No Babes Agency specializes in redefining beauty and inclusivity in the fashion and lifestyle sector. We believe that everyone you see in the streets deserves a platform in the media landscape, and we contribute to that.

We represent models and other creatives who support our norms and values. We can deliver an entire team for your next campaign in one fell swoop. 

No Babes Academy offers accessible workshops and lectures to raise the profile of diversity and inclusiveness. 

In addition, you can also schedule a No Babes exhibition here for your next event.

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Did you know that No Babes has also launched a photobook ? The book is not only moving and inspiring because of all the authentic and taboo-breaking stories, but it is also very educational and a real conversation starter.

There are only a dozen or so left. Be quick!

Our podcast Taboo Talk originated during the first lockdown. In these episodes, we dive deeper into certain topics that come up within our community.

You can listen to Taboo Talk on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Play.



No Babes has appeared in Het Nieuwsblad, Flair, Marie-Claire, Gael Magazine, HLN, VRT NWS, Club Flo, Iedereen Beroemd, Knack, Humo, MENT TV and more.


Broei, Ghent (2021)

Fire Is Gold Festival (2021)
Ampere Open Air Festival (2021)
Piet Moodshop, Ghent (2021)
Factor Club, Bruges (2021)
Bib Kortenberg (2022)

Het Geuzenhuis, Ghent (2022)

Sorry Not Sorry Festival (2022)


All shoots are free, but on invitation only. The stories are carefully chosen to go as broadly as possible in different themes. Because we no longer wanted to be dependent on crowdfunding, we decided to set up No Babes Agency and No Babes Academy from which we can generate income to continue telling stories. Do you want to give us a helping hand? Check this page for more information.


Morgane Gielen (1994) is a fashion and lifestyle photographer. "By being at the source of unrealistic beauty ideals myself, I have seen the impact it has on all of us. The fashion industry has always fascinated me. I love how you can create a story with makeup and styling, but I don't give a fuck what size or color the model is. I started doing assignments here and there as a photographer a few years ago and noticed that only one particular type of model was shown. And as soon as I got to know the models on a set a little better, the stories started coming out: about their eating disorders, about how they chewed cotton wool to satisfy their hunger, just to fit into that ideal picture.  I saw how it had also given me a huge inferiority complex over the years, and I began to explore this. What would it be like to pierce this perfect bubble on social media with the aim of making people realize that they are not alone with their doubts and thoughts? To make difficult themes discussable and connect people to each other? To challenge the fashion industry in how things can be done differently? That's where the start of No Babes lies."


Were you watching #nofilter on Everybody Famous? Jawühl, that was us! A film crew followed founder Morgane behind the scenes of her No Babes shoots. 

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