No Babes is a collective that questions taboos in all kinds of creative ways, wants to give a voice to people who are often kept small by the current ideals within this society, and wants to boost the mental health of young adults.

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Did you know that No Babes has also launched a photobook ? The book is not only moving and inspiring because of all the authentic and taboo-breaking stories, but it is also very educational and a real conversation starter .

We notice that we stimulate both the younger and the older generation to dare to look differently at certain themes or people. With this book we want to create more diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

Did you know that No Babes has its own talent agency ? No Babes Agency specializes in redefining beauty and inclusion in the fashion and lifestyle sector. We believe that everyone you see in the streets deserves a platform in the media landscape, and we contribute to that.

We represent models and other creatives who support our norms and values. We can deliver an entire team for your next campaign in one fell swoop. 

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Did you know that No Babes also has its own Academy in which we offer workshops to put diversity and inclusivity more in the spotlight in an accessible way? 

Ideal for the self-employed and companies, but also schools and municipalities.

Relive our first exhibition of No Babes in July 2021, which could be realized thanks to our crowdfunding and the support of Canon, the City of Ghent, Alles Kan, Parts Of Culture, Genderspectrum and Broei!