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No Babes is a non-profit organisation in which we question taboos and beauty ideals together. We are happy to give your story a voice in different ways with the aim of promoting the mental well-being of young people.

We mainly focus on photoshoots, presence at events and in the media. Will you join us?

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Morgane Gielen (1994) is a Belgium-based lifestyle and fashion photographer. She focuses on creating more inclusiveness and diversity in the fashion industry. 

In 2019, Morgane Gielen started fulltime as a lifestyle and fashion photographer. That same year she also founded the No Babes project, a non-profit organization that questions beauty ideals and breaks taboos. With this she combines her two passions: photography and her love for people.

Because Morgane herself has experienced traumatic events and struggles with an inferiority complex, she started looking for like-minded people: “From an early age I have had a kind of sense of justice. For example, I often stood up for bullied children. That feeling has clearly never gone away. Because when I was a fashion photographer, and saw how models had to fit into a certain box and how they were treated as objects, it started to itch to do something with this. That's how 'No Babes' was born. Getting real people in front of the lens and portraying them in their full glory – imperfections included – is what my photography is all about.”


And although body positivity is an important subject in her photography, Morgane doesn't limit herself to just that: “When I started 'No Babes' I wanted to tell and share the raw stories of real people. I wanted to get rid of the world of boxed thinking and show that it's okay to be vulnerable. So excluding people was not an option for me. From the LGBTQIA+ community to Paralympians: everyone is represented here.”



This is for the die-hards, the daredevils, the ones ready to dive deep into their own taboo-breaking story. We take the time to get acquainted and to zoom in on how we tell your story and translate it to image. Many label this shoot as something therapeutic, because it leaves a powerful impact.

Afterwards we will share your story on all No Babes channels (+ 10k followers) to ensure that your voice is heard. We close the session with one 
video recording or an invitation to our 
podcast where we would like to go deeper into your story.

Where: Photo studio of Morgane (Kortenberg)
When: To discuss

Duration: 2 hours
Rate: €300 incl. VAT

Style: No makeup, neutral styling, raw
Number of photos: 10 self-chosen pictures

What to bring: Styling (to be discussed)
Yield: Goes integrally to organizing other No Babes initiatives


No Babes Agency, Belgium's first inclusive modeling agency, exists one year and we would like to celebrate with our community! We want to meet this day with like minded people and look back on an eventful first year. It promises to be an event where everyone can be 100% themselves.


The day is filled with workshops, panel discussions, great people, free podium and more.

When: February 11, 2023

Duration: 10am to 8pm

Where: Zebrastraat 32/001, Ghent (wheelchair accessible)



Did you know that No Babes has published a photo book in collaboration with the publishing house Borgerhoff & Lamberights? The book is packed with authentic and taboo-breaking stories, as well as being very educational and a real conversation starter.

Budget: €55
Number of pages: 200
Size: 23x33cm
Language: Dutch
Number of copies: 1000


Did you know that No Babes had its own section of 12 episodes in Iedereen Beroemd? Jawühl, that was us! A crew followed founder Morgane behind the scenes of her No Babes shoots. 



De Morgen: Stap voor stap zijn wij het nieuwe normaal

VRT NWS: No Babes Agency wilt meer diversiteit

Marie-Claire: Woman To Watch

Humo: Ik wil mensen ontdoen van hun oogkleppen

HLN: Na #nofilter in Iedereen Beroemd

Knack: Niet perfect, wel model


Saintklet, Brussel (2020)

Femmeniste, Antwerpen (2020)

Broei, Gent (2021)
Fire Is Gold Festival (2021)
Ampere Open Air Festival (2021)
Piet Moodshop, Gent (2021)
Factor Club, Brugge (2021)
Bib Kortenberg (2022)

Het Geuzenhuis, Gent (2022)

Sorry Not Sorry Festival (2022)

Z33 Hasselt (2022)



2022: TV: VRT - #nofilter - No Babes: watch it here

2022: TV: GOPLAY - Inside The Box - Inclusivity in fashion : watch it here

2022: TV: MENT TV - Trendsetters: watch it here

2022: TV: Mar10's - Confident on camera : watch it here


2022: RADIO: NRJ - Open radio: watch it here

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"The No Babes shoot was one of the first shoots I got to experience. I was under a lot of stress for this. The way Morgane manages to make a connection both before and during the shoot, the humor present and the approachability have ensured that those nerves quickly disappeared. The uncertainty found its way out and my confidence found its way in! An experience that I can recommend to many!"

Phora DeSchryver

"My photo shoot with No Babes was life-changing. Morgane made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Since then I've been trying out new poses and I dare to show my body, because I now know that it can be seen."

Amber Niang

"My photoshoot was truly empowering and therapeutical, talking to Morgane and her taking my pictures gave me a chance to talk openly about my struggles while being understood. I'm so happy I was able to share my story and to help others that can relate to my struggles. I will never feel alone anymore because the beautiful experience and opportunity No Babes gave me."

Anne Ceulemans

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